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Description on XWeb.Web.Sass.Core version 0.3.301

  • Integrated last changes from libsass library (revision a84b181a6e).
  • Assembly for x86 platform renamed to take platform suffix (XWeb.Web.Sass.x86.dll).
  • Added assembly for x64 platform (XWeb.Web.Sass.x64.dll).

Two assemblies

In this release included two assemblies: for x86 and x64 platforms.

Assemblies compiled from C++ code of libsass with CLR (C++/CLI). There is no way to compile for AnyCPU platform as compiled managed code, because it contains native platform-specific code. Native code can be only platform-specific (x86, x64, ARM, ...).
So if you run x86 assembly in x64 environment, you'll get Cannot resolve work item macro, invalid id. exception.

Runtime assembly resolving

If you want to be platform-agnostic (as most of managed code), you have to use runtime assembly resolving mechanism to choose matched assembly based on actual platform.

You can use this instruction from StackOverflow: Using Side-by-Side assemblies to load the x64 or x32 version of a DLL.


Only x86 and x64 platform-specific assemblies included in this release. I'm going forward to support ARM.

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